California (TM) feat Les Fradkin – “Perfect World”

California (TM) are, according to Soundcloud, former Laurie Records Recording artists now with RRO Entertainment. On August 21st 2022, they released a single titled “Perfect World”. We took a listen to the tune, what did we think? Here goes!

Dynamic range? What’s that? Never heard of it! Or at least we think that’s the conversation that went down in the mixing and mastering stage of things. Everything is pretty much on the same level. There are elements throughout the track’s runtime that get lost, which is a shame. While there’s a lot here that, given enough time and care, would work very well with the right temperament. The vocal performance is okay if you really concentrate to find it. In fact, even with the backing vocals, it’s really cool. The lyrics are on the border between fitting and squashed, very interest to hear them within the melody.

On the whole, while it’s somewhat evident the music was not rushed – the mix and master most certainly was. As a result, the entire thing falls down. A good producer would never let the end result come across like this, sure perhaps maybe the first draft of the mix but not like this. What ends up as a squashed, too loud and two dimension mix makes for a good music experience it does not. We were left begging the question, can you really trademark a US State?

Judge for yourselves!

Listen to “Perfect World” by California TM on Soundcloud. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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