Tyler Edwards – “Delta”

Tyler Edwards is an artist from Seattle, USA. On September 9th 2022, he is set to release a single titled “Delta”. This release is ahead of his upcoming album “A Falling Sky” coming September 30th 2022. We’ve taken a listen to the soon-to-be-released single, what did we think? Here goes!

Album Teaser (Courtesy of YouTube)

From the start the track has all the hallmarks of your stereotypical “indie singer/songwriter” but in this instance – there’s a band too! What struck us first was the interesting way the drums were recorded, not quite gated reverb on the snare but not quite “to-infinity-and-beyond” either. The bass was firmly locked in the pocket, didn’t really venture out of the root notes (bar a few exceptions) for the duration of the song which I guess keeps most guitarists happy (little band-ter there). Speaking of guitars, textbook indie Tele tone right there. Then there’s the vocals – way, way too high up in the mix. If this was a modern pop song with full on electronic textures carrying the tune – we’d get it but this is pretty jarring. Not bad, just too high up.

On the whole a fine example of Indie entering yet another decade of similar sounds without too much innovation. Very middle of the road and we’re sure it’ll please fans of not too eclectic music tastes, but hey – you don’t have to agree with us. Though, listening to it, you do get the sense that it is certainly one for an album track listing rather than a shining single.

You’ll be able to listen to “Delta” by Tyler Edwards when it releases on September 9th 2022. Until then, be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify (so you don’t miss it). There’s also an official website to visit!

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