Achilles Tenderloin – “Little Girl Blue”

Achilles Tenderloin is the stage name for Joe Augustin, an indie-folk & acoustic blues songwriter and guitarist from Richmond, Indiana, USA. On September 22nd 2022 he is set to release a brand new single titled “Little Girl Blue”. The single is a cut off the upcoming (in 2023) release “Summer Solstice Singles). We took a listen to the forthcoming tune – what did we think? Here goes!

There is something to be said for mic bleeds, just what exactly – we don’t know. But that’s how this tune starts, and plenty of it. The folk style is laid bare for all to hear throughout, though what is striking is the mix. We didn’t quite clock it until a little while through the run-time but it is truly phenomenal how the drums are sent right to the back and buried underneath the other stems. Naturally, we get it – have the vocals on top, but by this much? It’s jarring to say the least. Whatever the vibe was meant to be here, is lost.

Overall, it’s an okay tune if you’re into the whole indie-folk thing – for us. It needs a total remix and maybe input from a producer. There are varying degrees of volume, in some circumstances, this could work as some kind of aid to the music with dynamic range, but it doesn’t sound like it was done with that thought in mind and rather cheapens the whole experience. There’s plenty of potential here, but as we say – get it remixed.

You’ll be able to listen to “Little Girl Blue” by Achilles Tenderloin on September 22nd 2022, until then follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp and visit the official website!

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