David Singley – “Change Gonna Come”

David Singley is a songwriter based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. On August 30th 2022, he released a brand new single titled “Change Gonna Come”. We took a listen, what did we think? Here goes!

David Singley – Change Gonna Come (Official Video, Courtesy of YouTube)

Feeling adventurous? Neither were we, but that’s fine. If done well, it can be quite the musical remedy for what ails you. This? Well, it comes very close. Certainly, the vibe on the whole checks out. Where this track falls short are two elements – firstly, the guitar is oh so slightly out of time which does take away but only slightly. The big thing that brings this track down is either on the bass stem of the mix, or has been mixed in with the bass – there’s a click that doesn’t sound percussive but rather an error in recording. Remove that and tidy up the guitar stem and you’ve got quite the track. Literally everything else is absolutely spot on, vocals on point, lyrics that fit the melody, some very interesting and expressive compositional choices.

On the whole, Change Gonna Come is a pleasant little number. The mix and master is mostly what we’d expect from a track released at this point in time, most of the elements spaced out and produced with clarity. This is one for a sunny afternoon, for sure. A very easy listening experience.

Listen to “Change Gonna Come” by David Singley on Spotify. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and visit his official website!

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