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FEATURE: “Here We Go Lifting” by Jack McKeever

According to his Spotify page, Jack McKeever is an artist who is currently based out of South-East London. Previously Jack spent time in New York City in a studio called “The Maid’s Room“. Presently, he is gathering his old songs and records which, in time, will be re-released digitally.

On February 27th 2020, Jack released a single titled “Here We Go Lifting”. The track also features artists Bill Dobrow, Cameron Greider, Dom Richards and Joan Wasser. According to Jack’s website, the single will be part of his upcoming album “Super Eight The Bicycle Motion”. It is understood that the album will be released on vinyl and CDs, once everything in the world calms down.

So far, the track has received over three-and-a-half thousand streams on Spotify alone. This is a significant achievement for many indie artists and, with this being his first release on Spotify, provides a good foundation for the release of his upcoming album.

For fans of indie, trance and acoustic music – this is a track you certainly want to check out. The track overall is an excellently produced and superbly finished piece of music, it is clear from listening to it that Jack has certainly taken inspiration from many different artists before crafting it to produce his own signature sound. So for fans of other genres and stylings, you want to give this one a spin. You won’t regret it.

“Here We Go Lifting” by Jack McKeever is available now, you can listen to the track on Spotify and be sure to follow him as well – so you don’t miss his upcoming album’s release! Check out his official website here.

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News: Reverse Mechanic To Debut New Single From UpComing Album

Reverse Mechanic is an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Formerly a published poet, he’s now a hip-hop artist. Previously he has released six singles and one album titled “The Mixed Ape”. On May 21st 2020 he will be releasing his new album “Best Proposal Ever” but before that he will be releasing a single from it titled “Head In The Clouds” on April 10th 2020.

In, what must be described as, the most adventurous proposal idea we’ve ever heard of. Reverse Mechanic throws everything he’s got at this project. The romantic rollercoaster ride is split into eight tracks, according to his website they “…were initially unveiled piece by piece to the woman who inspired them”.

The track “Head In The Clouds” boasts a indie/rap fusion which is set to captivate listeners as they embark on the sonic journey. There’s some cool little hooks that Reverse Mechanic threw in there. If the rest of the album follows this method, it’s set to be a great release. This is certainly a trip you wanna ride shotgun on!

On his website, Reverse Mechanic says part of this release includes “a 12-hour extravaganza of ridiculous stunts and over the top gestures – (Think limo rides, a horse & carriage, rented out dance studio where they first met, surprise acoustic song unveiled live at their first date location, 300 flowers and 5,000 rose petals, a rented out theater for a private red carpet screening of a professionally produced and personalized movie, special gifts, etc.). A behind the scenes crew with a lead videographer took painstaking efforts to facilitate and document the day.”

Be sure to follow Reverse Mechanic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and visit his official site here.

“Head In The Clouds” will be released on April 10th 2020, and the album “Best Proposal Ever” will be released on May 21st 2020 – follow Reverse Mechanic on Spotify so you don’t miss out!

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FEATURE: “Smiling” by Brei Carter

Country music artist, Brei Carter, released a single titled “Smiling” on January 23rd 2020. The single currently has racked up over 10,000 streams on Spotify alone since the release. Certainly one to watch!

For those of you who are new to Brei Carter, she is a country singer/songwriter from Monroe, Louisiana. She found her musical inspiration at an early age, her father used to sing tunes from Charlie Pride and her aunt sang in her own country music group. Brei’s own abilities come from her time singing in her church choir and from those previously mentioned.

“Smiling” doesn’t sound like your average country track, it’s got a very modern take on classic southern rock. It’s got some great hooks and fantastic sounding guitars too. The bridge is fantastic. There is really not a moment where this track loses its touch.

Whether or not you’re a fan of country, you’ll definitely have this track on repeat for days to come!

Listen to “Smiling” by Brei Carter on Spotify. You can also follow Brei on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and be sure to check out her official website here.

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NEWS: Lola Rising to release new EP “Moving Forward”

Colorado band Lola Rising is set to release a brand new EP titled “Moving Forward” on April 24th 2020. Known for their signature “Jahawiian” sound, Lola Rising promises a release that crosses new levels of creativity, introducing a wide variety of genres and sound textures.

According to the band’s website, Moving Forward takes inspiration from the “basements of haunted hotels in Wyoming to the beaches of California”. Their release will be covering themes such as love, loss, struggle and the importance of protecting the planet.

For those new to Lola Rising – the band’s sound is described as “Ukulele driven with high energy melodic dance rhythms and soaring guitars”. Lola Rising’s discography also includes their album “Westward Bound” (2016) and single “Gravity” (2018).

Fans of Dirty Heads, Iration, Stick Figure and The Green and Pepper will be familiar with the band’s style. Though if you’re new to this sound, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Be sure to follow Lola Rising on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Visit the band’s website here and if you listen to your music via Spotify, be sure to follow the band so you don’t miss “Moving Forward” on April 24th 2020.

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FEATURE: “Borrowed From Our Children” by D’Anthoni Wooten

D’Anthoni Wooten is the company owner for “Melodic Vision Music” and composer currently based out of Los Angeles. According to Spotify, his first work was collaborating with a number of artists on the album “Unity Is Key” by Dstnt Drms. In 2019, he released a single titled “Hold True” which also featured Mina Kitajima. That year, he also released his own album “Spaces”.

In 2020, D’Anthoni worked with film director Leon Oldstrong on a UK based project titled “Borrowed From Our Children”. D’Anthoni composed and performed piano on the film’s soundtrack along with other musicians. The film’s soundtrack is now available as an EP on Spotify with such tracks as “Pearl Grey” and “Borrowed From Our Children”. The latter also features again on the release as just the piano arrangement.

The short film, “Borrowed From Our Children” features as part of “The Uncertain Kingdom – Vol 1”. You can find out more about the film by visiting this link.

Be sure to check out “Borrowed From Our Children (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” by D’Anthoni Wooten on Spotify.

Follow D’Anthoni on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and visit Melodic Vision Music’s official website.

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NEWS: Nils Kercher Releases “Can you Smell The Rain”

Nils Kercher is an artist from Germany. He plays a wide array of instruments and has done so from an early age. His discography boasts four albums (including one live album) and part of this is his latest album “Can You Smell The Rain” released on March 13th 2020.

The ten track release boasts a wide sonic soundscape encapsulating every single influence that he has had since his musical beginnings. There are sonic textures of many different musical stylings around the world which only add to the experience of listening to “Can You Smell The Rain”.

One track in particular “Feathers” boasts a touching and sombre feel that gives the listener a rollercoaster ride of emotion whilst listening to. A definitive stand-out track.

For fans of pop, indie, singer-songwriter, folk and world music – this is one for you to certainly check out!

You can follow Nils Kercher on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You can also listen to “Can You Smell The Rain” on Spotify.

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FEATURE: “Time To Wake Up.” by James Toper

James Toper is an artist who’s been making music for almost a decade now (as of this writing). James drew inspiration from famous artists such as deadmau5, Avicii and Madeon. Over the years, he has been working tirelessly on his craft – evolving his sound all the way. On January 31st 2020, he released his first album titled “Time To Wake Up.”

The ten track album boasts an eclectic mix of sounds and stylings with themes from James’ adolescence. This is certainly a personally driven endeavour with many subjects including the ever classic love and relationships which we can all relate with in some way or another.

While this release is predominantly in the “EDM/Electronic” category, this feels like it could branch out into synth-pop. Casual listeners and hot-headed musos alike can really get behind this release. “Time To Wake Up.” is quite an achievement. If you’re a devoted listener to EDM-esque music you will most likely notice the influences in James’ music. Though when you really think about it, he doesn’t directly copy and that is a testament to James’ creativity when it comes to his own compositions.

You can listen to “Time To Wake Up.” on Spotify. You can also follow James Toper on Instagram.

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