Review: “More To You” – As December Falls

“More To You” was released after December fell upon us, January 5th 2017 to be precise. We were sent this track from the band and here is what we thought…

At the start, the song pulls no punches. No slight build up or one-after-the-other intro, oh no – you’re thrown right into the deep end. A few bands find this challenging to pull off properly but As December Falls does this just nicely with a simple, but effective, opening guitar riff. The song itself has a revamped early 2000s kind of rock feel, which is very much upgraded for this decade. But what is especially nice is that WE could have compared the lead singer’s vocal style to Avril Lavigne but Bethany Smile has far more range (sorry, not sorry Avril). The band works very well together as is evident with this song, and they certainly don’t disappoint with “More To You”.

Towards the end of this song, they wind it down (just a bit) to then bring you back up, then down again, then back up – a sort of musical rollercoaster ride, though after listening to this song you’ll most certainly want to jump right at the front of the queue. We loved the vocal harmonies towards the end of the song, it was a very well-done touch to finish the track.

The only downside is, we only wish we had more!

A big thank you to As December Falls for sending us along this track and a photo to use. We very much look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

“More To You” by As December Falls was released in January 2017 – you can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also watch the music video on YouTube.

You can also follow the band on Facebook and Twitter .


Three Spotify Playlists You Should Be Following Right Now

We’ve done a lot of reviews lately, and we really do enjoy listening to new music – but we figured we should also include some folks’ playlists on Spotify. We’d like to do this on the regular and we here at Call That Music welcome any recommendations you have (not just limited to Spotify of course!)


1. “Blues” by Jake Parker

Total number of tracks: 117 (8hr 3min)
First addition: January 14th 2015
Latest addition: July 3rd 2017

This playlist has got some of the best blues songs you’ll ever hear, with classics from Albert King to ZZ Top – you won’t be disappointed. If you’re just a beginner at listening to the blues or a seasoned veteran there’s something here for everyone.

2. “Luca in the sky with diamonds” by Gianluca De Sisto 

Total number of tracks: 681 (47hr 31min)
First addition: January 13th 2016
Latest addition: August 8th 2017

Here we have a broad variety of music genres in one playlist – this is certainly for those with a fluid music taste. Placed on shuffle and you’ll go from Tom Petty to Radiohead, Mac Demarco to The Beatles – the possibilities are endless with this. An impressive array of tunes you won’t want to miss.

3. “Bangers” by Miles Grindey

Total number of tracks: 737 (52hr 34min)
First addition: May 14th 2016
Latest addition: September 4th 2017

This is a HUGE playlist with a jaw-droppingly large amount of songs from the late 70s/80s – although the focus is heavy on Rock and 80s pop, there are some new and up-and-coming bands (somewhere). You will be able to find some The Amazons, Snoop Dogg, DMX and even Flyte in there. As the description suggests “No f***ing around here”. Definitely worth following to see what comes next!



Review: “Walk On The Wire” – The Broxton Hundred

Last month, The Broxton Hundred released their single “Walk On The Wire” and we were very lucky to have been sent this! Here’s what we thought…

Spotify_broxton hundred EP cover5.jpg

The intro to this track quickly builds up in a more modern fashion than how Don Felder started “Heavy Metal (Takin’ a Ride)” – which is a classic song. We digress, but the bass guitar is clearly in command of this song, which worked very well. We very much liked the way the acoustic and electric guitars worked very well together – it’s something we’ve heard many artists attempt (as of recent) but we felt that The Broxton Hundred pulled it off in a very demonstrable example of musical competence.

About two-thirds of the way into the song we were treated to a very nice guitar solo, with great tone and great use of effects that really complimented this track nicely. Bravo! The drummer sounds incredibly tight, as does the rest of the band, and it’s really refreshing to hear. The lead singer demonstrates actual range! Something that seems surprising to come by lately.

The Broxton Hundred sticks out from an over-saturated Indie market, you can clearly hear character from each of the members and we very much look forward to hearing more from them!

A big thank you to the band for sending us along the track and photos to use!

“Walk On The Wire” by The Broxton Hundred was released on August 11th 2017, you can listen to it on YouTube and Spotify.

You can also follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and their website.

Review: “Thrown To The Floor” by VALA

We were fortunate enough to be sent VALA’s first single “Thrown To The Floor” by their lead singer, Joe. We’d like to start our review by thanking Joe for sending this our way. Here goes!

The song starts off with a nice intro, a good bit of guitar and drums – a very nice guitar lick by the way. The build up just shortly after had us thinking it would be kicking off with a nice guitar riff, but alas it did not. The vocals were anti-climatic for this kind of build up. The band self styles themselves as a “rock” band but it is clear from this track they are not, they are more “indie-pop” than rock. That kind of misplaced genre labelling is like calling Van Halen a “heavy metal band” – they’re rock. It’s just not true. But anyway, on that note – we weren’t sure if the lyrics “Hit the ground running” in the chorus was a nod to Van Halen. Judging by the sound and feel of this song, it’s definitely not. The track itself is very bass heavy and the lyrics of the song are pretty industry standard, as indeed the structure and styling of the overall song – this song has ended up adding to an over-saturated market in the music industry.

There is some kind of breakdown after the first minute, only to have a completely different feel for the chorus. We were expecting some kind of guitar solo to follow along from the intro – but this wasn’t the case, we just had more of the same. The vocals towards the end were pretty well done though.

We were sent a link to their “official video” – at first you’re immediately certain this is VALA’s video as their band logo is right at the centre of the shot. We have seen this kind of logo with many other bands that sound and look very similar across the UK. Jack Grindrod made a visual masterpiece however, the scenic shots throughout the video were excellent and we are confident that Jack has a clear future in filming and directing music videos. It’s just a shame that this song sounds more of the same all of us tend to hear at many live venues across the UK. In other words – “Nice video, shame about the song”.

Overall it is a well mixed piece of music – it’s worth listening to if you’re into the indie scene. Otherwise it’s just more of the same.

You can follow VALA on Facebook, Instagram and their website

You can also listen to VALA’s debut single “Thrown To The Floor” on Spotify and iTunes

Review: “Autobiography of a Faker”

Straight outta Stouffville comes Peter M Mahahead with his 17 track album “Autobiography of a Faker”, this is perhaps one of the longest albums/releases we’ve reviewed thus far. It’s a very sombre album with some nice pick-me-ups around the halfway mark. We’re going to be brief here as we don’t want to spoil this album for you, it is 17 songs after all. Anyway! Without further ado here’s our review:

1. “The Faker”

This track is a very interesting piece, it has a kind-of musical theatre vibe to it. Some nice vocal melodies to compliment this track.

2. “Friends and Lovers”

The guitar used on this track has a very nice, clean, tone – it’s backed up by a very melodica bass track as well. Very good vocals on this one, there’s definitely a hint of Ivan Doroschuk (from Men Without Hats) but here Peter sings much better. Sorry Ivan. So much funk is going on with this track, nice.

3. “Sonnet Variations”

The melodic guitar track compliments the vocals very well, there’s some interestingly placed synth with some electric drums – a great touch. Overall this is a very interesting track – the song concludes calmly.

4. “Trendsetter”

Peter certainly had us at first but this track turned out very nice as it went along. Unexpectedly groovy! This is certainly our favourite of the album.

5. “Integral Song Theory La La La”

When this song started we thought this was some slowed down version of “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” – oh how we were wrong! This song is brilliantly composed with great bass, guitar and keyboard accompaniment with a very excellent sax solo included.

6. “The Seer”

Peter demonstrates his guitar playing here, nicely done. Vocals appear to be at the back of the mix which is laying background to the guitar rather than the other way around, very ambitious. This track begins the more Sombre feel of the album.

7. “Zooey Wrote The Letter”

There’s a good element of harmonica in this, well pulled off – the guitar and piano work well together. The song feels like a tribute to Bob Dylan’s earlier work.

8. “Starving Footprints”

This is a track that Bill Wurtz should seriously consider covering. Very nice, and well pulled off.

9. “The Playwright Oscar”

Very similar to Track 7, really quite a serious track and quite low-profile in terms of the vocals. Following along the sombre feel of this part of the album.

10. ” The Bird of Paradise”

22 seconds of a nice orchestral-esque piece. A little break from the sombre mood.

11. “The Politician Anne”

Sounds of war at the beginning, the track is definitely about war – or what we can make from the vocals, mentions of Gaza Strip and some anecdote about cancer. Perhaps a commentary of war?

12. “The Painter Vincent”

We weren’t really sure about this track, it seemed to follow along the theme and indeed sounded similar to other tracks on this album.

13. “The Poet Leonard”

A very nice pick-me-up at the start, really a nice draw in and then it drops off. A nicely mixed track with various instruments panning around your speakers!

14. “The Writer Gertrude”

Again, following along the exact compositions of the last few songs, it’s a sombre one! The difference is a theme recurring around five dollars.

15. “The Novelist Ernest”

So a slight variation here, there is some kind of pick-me-up in this track after the last few tracks. There’s a very grunge-kinda vibe that is in this track. The middle of the song features a well put together piano solo.

16. “The Narrator Virginia”

This track goes straight back to the sombre feel of the previous tracks.

17. “The Sophist Francis”

The final track, it just has the same feel as the previous few songs. That’s all we can really say.

Thanks to Peter for sending us his album and the artwork for use as part of this review! This was certainly one of the longer and more ambitious series of works we’ve reviewed.

You can purchase his music here, you can find him on Spotify and YouTube. Follow him on Twitter.

Autobiography of a Faker was released on July 22nd 2017 by Peter M Mahahead. 

Review: “Youth” by We’re No Heroes

Next month, We’re No Heroes will be releasing their new single “Youth” via Spiral Icon. We’ve been fortunate enough to have a listen, we were very impressed to say the least! The song has maximum funky vibes and is just a great song all around.

It starts off with a very chilled intro before getting right into it, wasting no one’s time. The chorus is just bliss, the guitar work is incredible and the bass track just rolls and really compliments the entire song. There are vocal harmonies that will make your ears melt that pop up here and there.

Towards the end of the song there’s a perfectly placed breakdown with a cracking bit of funk guitar, honestly a work of genius – at least that’s what we thought!

We honestly can’t get enough of this song and it will definitely be on repeat when it’s finally released to the general public.

It’s a solid 5/5 from us.

We’d like to thank We’re No Heroes’ manager, Adam Whitmore for sending this along to us and we’d also like to thank the band for the work they put into this song and for providing us with a fine bit of music. We look forward to hearing more!

You can follow We’re No Heroes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and be sure to check out their website! Their song will be released September 1st 2017 via Spiral Icon. 

Album Review: Touch of Blue

Last year, guitarist extraordinaire, Bill Hart released his album “Touch of Blue”. This album is nothing short of genius and contains some of the best Jazz-Fusion pieces you will ever hear. Bill has an impressive resume, training under the likes of greats such as Mike Stern and has opened for the likes of Herbie Hancock. He is currently the head of the guitar department at the Atlanta Institute of Music & Media. It’s safe to say he is one busy bloke!


Without further adieu, here is our take on Bill’s masterpiece.

1. “Deep Skies”

Bill starts this great album with this groovy masterpiece, the piano playing and bass solo (later on in the track) are really complimentary of each other. Makes for some great listening and is definitely one of the defining pieces of this album. This is very well composed and definitely sets us up for the rest of the album

2. “That’s Purdy”

This track hits us like a groove train, during the track there are some nice chords and the main riff works very well with the jazzy licks Bill lays down here. Once that’s done it’s back to some good ol’ soloing which just makes this track an exquisite piece of music, honestly we can’t find any fault with this at all. There’s a nice breakdown with some great soloing again then back to the main riff. Bill’s tone is incredible throughout this track.

3. “Inside Job”

As soon as this track starts you can tell it’s a great bit of fusion. There’s a great keyboard solo that kicks in just after the two minute mark. Bill, once again, lays down an impressive guitar solo just after. We had to pick our mouths up off the floor, it’s just incredible. There’s some evidence of slide guitar, or perhaps he’s just using his whammy bar effectively – either way it sounds great!

4. “Lost Parts”

In keeping with what we’ve heard so far, this track continues the jazzy/fusion feel. We sense some legato licks towards the halfway mark that compliments the track very well. Afterwards it picks up and there’s some more jazzy riffage to be heard, honestly it’s just great. (Have we said this album is great yet?)

5. “A Fine Line”

Straight away there’s some great keyboard playing with a nice clean guitar backing, great tone on that. The guitar riffing Bill does here is really funky and very well pieced together with the rest of the track, the outro solo is just remarkable.

6. “Touch of Blue”

The title track itself! Bill’s tone is incredible, he’s got that filthy strat tone with some distortion which really goes well here. The whole track has a great flow with some nice bass parts. This track feels like it would make a great montage track, maybe even in some kind of A-list Spy Movie. The main riff is just sublime. Honestly, we don’t think we can tell you how great this is.

7. “Minor Details”

You probably won’t be surprised, but this track has a very dark feel to it. That’s probably why it’s “MINOR Details” not “major” – get it?! Seriously though, the bass has a great tone and there’s evidence here of some kind of volume swelling from Bill which makes this track all the more remarkable. We’re just running out of words to compliment this album – it’s just too good and “Minor Details” is testament to this fact.

8. “Funky Do Funky Don’t”

The intro to this track is very well done. The keyboard playing in this track really compliments everything else that makes this incredibly funky, don’t say you weren’t warned. This is Funky Do! The bass playing is also incredible. Bill’s solo towards the end is just the cherry that makes this a great fusion sundae.

9. “All I Know”

Just amazing! The harmony of the bass and the guitar will make your ears melt. The guitar riff overall is just incredible. How can ya write something like that? Wow! The whole track is groovy, yet emotional. There’s also a great synthesizer just chilling at the back of the mix which really goes well. You won’t be disappointed.

10. “Swamp People”

This is our favourite track. This is immediately a hit with some great guitar playing, well the whole album is – but this is just the best evidence for it. The breakdown in this track with the synth is, once again, very complimentary of one another. You just can’t go wrong with this track. “Swamp People” makes for possibly the best listening on this entire album, it was tough competition.

11. “Not Now Juangui”

The final track on Bill’s album – it follows the same great audible path that this album has taken. The main riff on this track is great. The organ compliments the composition well. Bill’s use of his tremolo to make some tasty licks are just incredible. To top this off, there’s a great key change at the ends.

We’d just like to give thanks to Bill and to all who worked on this album as well as Blue Canoe Records for releasing it. This was really fun to listen to and review.

Bravo Bill!

You can listen to “Touch of Blue” by Bill Hart via Blue Canoe Records on Spotify and iTunes.

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