FEATURE: "You Had Me at Hello" by BULAT

BULAT is a versatile artist based out of California. Born in Russia, raised in the UK – he’s a world traveller. His style is a fusion of sorts, incorporating elements of folk, rock, reggae and Latin into his songwriting.

On January 8th, 2020 – he released his latest single “You Had Me at Hello”. The track demonstrates his ability to write songs and is definitely a must-listen for fans of rock, both new and old. So far, at the time of this writing, the track has hit over two-thousand streams on Spotify in less than a month – very impressive indeed.

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FEATURE: "Proper Propagander" by Atomic Rebel

Atomic Rebel is an EDM artist, with a twist. Making their debut on January 11th, 2020 – they are already making waves with over 20,000 monthly listeners and almost 1,200 followers on Spotify alone.

According to their bio on Spotify:

“Atomic Rebel represents a fusion of genres along with experimental songs all within the EDM Blanket.

The music may edge into other genres, romance with it and draw it into the process to create an evolving wall of sound.”

The release in question is their debut EP “Proper Propagander”. The two most popular tracks being “Sour Candy” and “Piranhas in the Waterfall” reaching 13,696 and 13,572 streams respectively.

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FEATURE: "2097 Club" by AncrNotokay

AncrNotokay is an artist from Vancouver whose sound is correctly described on their Instagram as “future alternative”. On January 13th 2020, they released an EP titled “2097 Club”.

A short but sweet release. Fans of Alternative Rock/Punk/Emo and even Hip Hop are sure to be captivated by the sounds of AncrNotokay.

Listen to “2097 Club” today by visiting this link here. Be sure to follow AncrNotokay on Instagram and Soundcloud!

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FEATURE: "How Does It Feel" by BEEZY RMG

On November 9th 2019, BEEZY RMG released his track “How Does It Feel” which also features AD Gant. The track is a really well put together piece of music with sonic scapes sure to grab anyone’s attention. For fans of R&B and Soul, this is one you certainly don’t want to miss!

According to his Spotify bio:

“Raised in Lubbock, TX Beezy was born with music in his soul. Living on the eastside of Lubbock was challenging and dangerous. Surrounded by gangs and drug dealers Beezy completed high school with out being sucked into the street life that surrounded him. He started making music while in high school. Wanting to make a life for himself he left Lubbock and headed to Dallas. Where he has been living and the place he now calls home.

A skilled singer and emcee Beezy can spit fire rhymes or sing soulful melodies. Never wanting to be label as one style of artist. Beezy mixes Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock and Hip-Hop in to his music. Giving his music a unique sound. He has formed his own record label, RMG records. And he continues to grow in his music, his music relates to most people.”

Listen to the track on Spotify and YouTube. Be sure to follow BEEZY RMG on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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NEWS: "This is my" by Br0med – OUT NOW!

Br0med is a producer and DJ from Sweden. On January 3rd 2020 he released his latest track “This Is My”.

In just 10 days the track has already achieved a little under 33,000 streams on Spotify.

For fans of Bass House and similar genres, this is one you don’t want to miss!

Listen to the track on Spotify here – be sure to follow Br0med on Instagram and Soundcloud!

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REVIEW: "Forgiveness" by Deep C Divers

Happy new year one and all and what better way to kick off the new year than with a review! Deep C Divers are a rock band from Boston, USA. They’re made up of Deep Chinappa (lead vocals), Paul Erlich (lead guitar), Gregg Marcus (bass), John Bordage (Drums), Bruce Scofield (part-time bass). Today, we’re taking a look at their track “Forgiveness” – what did we think of it? Here goes!

The song kicks off with piano and solemn vocals. Let’s not beat about the bush here – it’s a ballad, what do you expect? The song subject is as it says in the title. There are themes in the lyrics including, but not limited to, religion. Sometimes the lyrics feel rushed in the lyrics and honestly often comes across pretty cheesy.

Musically speaking, it holds up relatively okay. The instruments sound dry, not much reverb or effects done post-production from what we can tell from the mix. The drums are well at the back of the mix. Though we’re pretty sure they were recorded live, the mix does not do it any justice. The bass holds the tune down really well. The form itself sound like a throwback to an ELO tune. The guitar feels a bit restrained in the solo, we’re not sure if the guitar was recorded live via an amp or through a direct interface but it sounds like the latter. The way the song is written sounds like it wants to kick off towards the end and it comes close but never really gets there. There’s some strings in the song but it gets lost in the mix. Everything is hiding behind the vocals.

So much potential in one song, yet falls short. Perhaps hiring a producer may serve them better. The track is okay, give it a listen and judge for yourself.

“Forgiveness” by Deep C Divers was released on December 16th 2019. You can listen to it on YouTube and Spotify. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to check out their official site!

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FEATURE: "Love You Till I Die" by Peter Asschenfeldt & The Colonels

On November 29th 2019, Peter Asschenfeldt & The Colonels released their track “Love You Till I Die”. A pop/dance track with all elements that would guarantee to blow your mind. The song itself is a well mixed and superbly produced masterpiece worthy of anyone’s time.

Be sure to check it out on Spotify!

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