REVIEW: “Moonrocks” by G-Stylez

G-Stylez is an American hip-hop artist. According to his Spotify “he’s the total package”, it must be incredibly busy being an artist/musician/producer/songwriter/entrepreneur/father – but he found time this month to release his latest track “Moonrocks” which also features GUN-HEAD and Truu. We’re not sure when this track was released, Spotify says October 25th 2019 but it’s available now! The track has already racked up 12,855 streams – but what did we think about it? Here goes!

So the track starts off by pulling no punches, hitting us with the promise that this track is a “banger”. An early selling point, however the autotuned vocals are actually done okay. The overall flow is cool, themes of positivity but laced with cynicism about how people aren’t always truthful. They do labour this point home quite a lot. Nothing really inspires as much of this sounds more of the same kind of stuff that comes from other artists in this genre. Despite this, it is a pleasant listening experience which we’re sure would go down well if you’re driving late at night.

“Moonrocks” by G-Stylez (FT GUNHEAD, Truu) is due for release on October 25th 2019 (according to Spotify) but you can listen to it now on Spotify and YouTube. You can follow G-Stylez on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud!

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