September 29, 2020

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YYY will be releasing his debut album "aquadungeonafterdark" in Spring 2020!

YYY (a.k.a. Austin Carson) is an experimental pop artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He creates beautiful transitions between analog bass drones, psychedelic guitar riffs and vocal samples, YYY maintains a lighthearted undertone that is meant to challenge any listener.

YYY’s debut record, “aquadungeonafterdark” will be the result of 4 years and dozens of songs sifted through perfectionists filter and widdled down to 10 select tracks. Recorded in YYY’s dark, red-lit home (aka the aquadungeon), this carefully crafted record showcases a colourful warped world in which isolation and agoraphobia reign supreme. The album sets to boast an “oddly satisfying fusion of depressing lyrics and upbeat otherworldy instrumentation”. “aquadungeonafterdark” is a rollercoaster of beauty and madness.

The upcoming album is set for release sometime in Spring 2020. YYY already has a number of releases out already which you can check out. This includes a 2017 release titled “A Tribute to the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds” and singles titled “Keep Off The Lawn” (2019) and “Terra Incognita” (2020). Both of the singles will both feature on the soon-to-be-released album.

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