Three Spotify Playlists You Should Be Following Right Now

We’ve done a lot of reviews lately, and we really do enjoy listening to new music – but we figured we should also include some folks’ playlists on Spotify. We’d like to do this on the regular and we here at Call That Music welcome any recommendations you have (not just limited to Spotify of course!)


1. “Blues” by Jake Parker

Total number of tracks: 117 (8hr 3min)
First addition: January 14th 2015
Latest addition: July 3rd 2017

This playlist has got some of the best blues songs you’ll ever hear, with classics from Albert King to ZZ Top – you won’t be disappointed. If you’re just a beginner at listening to the blues or a seasoned veteran there’s something here for everyone.

2. “Luca in the sky with diamonds” by Gianluca De Sisto 

Total number of tracks: 681 (47hr 31min)
First addition: January 13th 2016
Latest addition: August 8th 2017

Here we have a broad variety of music genres in one playlist – this is certainly for those with a fluid music taste. Placed on shuffle and you’ll go from Tom Petty to Radiohead, Mac Demarco to The Beatles – the possibilities are endless with this. An impressive array of tunes you won’t want to miss.

3. “Bangers” by Miles Grindey

Total number of tracks: 737 (52hr 34min)
First addition: May 14th 2016
Latest addition: September 4th 2017

This is a HUGE playlist with a jaw-droppingly large amount of songs from the late 70s/80s – although the focus is heavy on Rock and 80s pop, there are some new and up-and-coming bands (somewhere). You will be able to find some The Amazons, Snoop Dogg, DMX and even Flyte in there. As the description suggests “No f***ing around here”. Definitely worth following to see what comes next!



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