September 26, 2020

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ONE TO WATCH: “Erin Coburn”

Erin Coburn is making waves with her third album "Out from Under", with thousands of streams on Spotify alone - the only way is up!

Erin Coburn is an artist from Kentucky, USA. Erin had an experience at just ten years of age, when a guitar teacher told her she couldn’t play guitar and sing. Three albums, four singles, over a thousand monthly listeners on Spotify – it’s safe to say that the guitar teacher must really be eating their hat!

The titular track from Erin Coburn’s latest album “Out from Under”

Those in attendance Erin’s live shows describe her as having a mesmerising stage presence with her intricate arrangements and dynamic lyrics. She commands her band with effortless confidence while giving the audience something unexpected, like shredding her
electric ukulele during a hypnotising solo. It’s hard to
pigeon-hole Erin’s style of music into one genre, which makes her music all the more compelling. It’s no wonder she’s seen her music placed on the Top 100 on the Americana Radio Charts.

Erin’s first two albums, Chaos Before Conformity and Queen of Nothing, showed more of her blues roots with young unbridled creativity. With her latest release, Out from Under, this Kentucky native captures her progression to a more mature sound with edgier lyrics, searing guitar solos, and a dash of humour.

The eleven track album is certainly making waves since its release on November 8th 2019. The track “It’s Over (Virtual Reality) has, to date, accumulated a little over 20,000 streams on Spotify. An impressive feat. The only way is up for Erin Coburn!

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