NEWS: TOPJAW Releases New Single “QUEEN’S CROWN”

Three-piece rockers, Topjaw released a new single titled “Queen’s Crown” on April 3rd 2020.

For those who are now previously unfamiliar with them – TopJaw is a Los Angeles based hard rock / blues rock power trio. They are Mike Kindel on guitar and vocals, Will Wilson on vocals and bass and finally, Sammy Wilson on Drums.

Queen’s Crown is the sixth of a seven-song release. According to the band “It’s an upbeat rock song about a girl that acts like she’s queen of the world, but her lies catch up with her in the end.”

Everything sounds great here – we’ve got to add that the guitar tone is bliss. We are of the belief that distortion is an art form, Mike Kindel has nailed it. The bass lays firmly in the pocket, the drums lay down an excellent feel and the vocals sit perfectly on top like a cherry on this rock sundae.

Tasty licks? Check. Sick riffs? Check. Screamin’ Vocals? Hell yeah!

This track has everything any rock fan, of any variety is looking for in a track. We feel it is, quite simply, the band’s best work to date. The song is a testament to good production, mixing and mastering.

Do your ears a favour and check out this sonic flavour today! You can listen to “Queen’s Crown” on Spotify. Follow Topjaw on Facebook and Instagram!

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