Lily Frost – “RETRO-MODERNE”

June 7th, 2019 saw Lily Frost release her album “Retro-Moderne”. The 11 track album features retro stylings with a modern twist. Over five-thousand people a month enjoy the music of Lily Frost on Spotify alone, and it’s easy to hear why!

Imagine you’re on the set of a Michelangelo Antonioni Film…navigating heartbreak with a pen in hand and tears falling on a baby grand. There have been enough badass boyfriends who have delivered madness and passion to satiate your curious hearts’ desires. Unfortunately, they’ve left you coiled in the dust, writhing with your aching heart and with the only means of coping that has ever sustained you–secret diary entries which form into poems and then flourish into songs. Those songs would go on to become Retro-Moderne.

Lily Frost has created 14 albums over the years. The difference now is that she has upped her songwriting game. Lily has also become her own label and has full creative control. Her ears perked up when she heard the production of Gus Van Go on Whitehorse, Jill Barber and Matt Mays. Lily reached out to him to produce the best of hundreds of songs written in Nashville, Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles while working as a staff writer at Aporia Publishing. Gus first fell for the song “Reckless Corazón,” then he heard “It’s The Love,” which brought him to tears. He and his team agreed to take on the album project.

The record has a 60’s sound with girl group back-ups, spaghetti western guitars, live and programmed drums and Hofner bass supporting Lily’s cool yarn-spinning voice. Retro-Moderne is Lily’s best work to date.

Listen to “Retro-Moderne” by Lily Frost on Spotify. Be sure to follow Lily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and visit her official website!

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