Poor Man’s Poison – “Feed The Machine”

Poor Man’s Poison is a group of four friends from a small California farm town of Hanford. The band consists of members – Tommy McCarthy, Ryan Hakker, Mike Jacobs, and Dustin Medeiros. These folks evolved over time in the form of many different bands – one example being Done For Good. Inspiration was taken from a wide variety of genres (Rock, Metal, Reggae, Blues, Soul, Hip Hop and R&B). They would get together, jam it out and see what would come of this mega musical fusion. The result culminated in Poor Man’s Poison.

Poor Man’s Poison

To date, they have released 3 studio albums, including 1 live album recorded at the Fox Theater in Hanford CA featuring local musicians. PMP was fortunate enough to win a prize of $100,000(!!) and earned themselves the title of “Best New Act In Country Music” in 2012 at the historic Rymann Theatre in Nashville, TN. Following this, they took a break from music to pursue education and careers. However they’ve been working on new music whilst celebrating their second release of 2020 titled “Feed The Machine”.

“Feed The Machine” was released on July 17th 2020. The track itself is an incredible testament to the band’s musical prowess. As you listen to it, it’s clear that they’re a solid group of talented musicians. The fusion of genres is evident throughout “Feed The Machine”, this may be country but it’s not like we’ve ever known before. From second-to-second the track just flows nicely. A beautifully mixed and mastered song, that’s for sure.

We very much look forward to hearing more from Poor Man’s Poison in the future, but in the meantime we’re gonna give this a few more spins and check out their other tracks!

Listen to “Feed The Machine” by Poor Man’s Poison on Spotify. Follow the group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to them on YouTube and visit their official website!

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