Everything But The Everything – “Rockn Roll Is A Feeling”

Everything But The Everything is the name in which Izzy The Gent releases “punk soaked rockn roll songs”. At some point the second EP “Rockn Roll Is A Feeling” is set for release, scouring the internet we’re not sure when but we do know from viewing their Spotify page that all of the four tracks have been individually released as singles. Well we took a listen and here’s what we thought!

Track one is “Intamacy” which features vocals (also written by) Luke Sweeney. A big sounding track, with a very eerie progression but it works pretty well. There’s a whole bunch of textures layered throughout the track which paints a good picture for what the track sets. Luke’s vocals work really well in the choruses, otherwise feel a tad rushed in the verses but that does seem to work. A decent start to the EP.

Up next is “Can’t Allow” which features Tobias Hawkins. A really great start to this one, plenty of energy. Tobias Hawkins has an epic voice that really fits this track excellently. There’s a fusion here of elements of indie, 80s new wave and punk here that really give “Can’t Allow” its own unique character. We’ve heard indie bands attempt this sort of energy before but none have met what this track delivers, excellent job.

“The Story” (featuring Sophia Price) follows, much like the others this has big energy and a big sound. This track ticks all the boxes of “punk soaked rockn roll”. Sophia fits well with this track, her voice is very much in keeping of the punk/indie sound that clearly was needed to fit the track. This tune never slows down, and why should it? The synth ending was a very nice touch.

Finally we have “Jump” featuring Vacances. This track smacks of post-punk/new wave “Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark” stylings but this works pretty well. Izzy knows exactly what he’s doing and you can really hear his own unique take on music. More of the same big-sound, big energy as we’ve heard throughout the rest of this EP – not a bad thing.

Overall “Rockn Roll Is A Feeling” is a decent EP for fans of Indie Rock who want to hear something a little bit different that doesn’t step too far out of the genre realm for it to be classified as something else. Plenty of energy and big sounds throughout each track. In terms of the energy, it is relatively the same throughout but then it wouldn’t be “punk soaked”. If you’re a fan of new punk rock or indie – you’ll definitely get along with every second that passes on this EP.

“Rockn Roll Is A Feeling” by Everything But The Everything will be out as a full EP at some point but we can’t seem to find any information about that date. However, you can enjoy each track individually by visiting their Spotify artist page. You can also follow Izzy The Gent on Instagram and be sure to visit Everything But The Everything’s official website!

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