Electric Peace – “You’re Going To Hell”

Recently, we covered the track “Dinah Might” by Electric Peace. So we’re gonna dive right into the rest of their EP “You’re Going To Hell”.

Dinah Might by Electric Peace (via YouTube)

The EP begins with the titular track “You’re Going To Hell”. A big start, very The Doors-y. It doesn’t really get going until about 45 seconds in. Then you’re met with a big groove. Its very big, bold, ambitious some might say. A lot in the middle of the mix, occasionally the toms and some cymbals fill the bottom left and right of your speakers which is nice to be reminded this is in stereo. It doesn’t really go anywhere, the premise of venturing to hell is somewhat exhausting before a guitar solo switches it up – nicely done. This track might be one-minute too long. Its a weird one in terms of the mix because it remains mostly in the middle of the mix before the end where sonic textures seem to fill the mostly empty hard left/right pans.

Track two is Dinah Might, which we’ve already covered. So onto the next one!

“Stranded In Love” is tune number three, this feels much more spread out in terms of the mix. Has a more “Western” flair to it. This track doesn’t waste much time in getting started which is nice, no messing about here. The choruses are nice, got a groove we can really get behind and you may notice the xylophone adding something in the background – it works. When we get to the bridge about 1:40ish in, it fits very nicely to the overall composition. That twangy guitar sounds great, we spent a little time debating whether it was a Tele, Jaguar, Mustang or Jazzmaster. Short, sweet, nice.

Finally, we have “Tell Me You Hate Me” – killer start, raw energy. Chord progression that feels very Stones-y. The little vocal additions riffing on the singer is a nice touch, shows that Electric Peace doesn’t take themselves too seriously – good! You won’t find a moment lost in this tune, where it shines, it does so brilliantly. A little bit of weirdness towards the end but it resolves. For some reason the vocals get lost in the mix towards the end, they’re lowered for some reason. Doesn’t really work. Overall it’s a decent enough tune and a good ending to this EP.

If you’re mainly a fan of Punk with “sympathies” for The Rolling Stones and/or The Doors – you’ll love this EP! It’s a pretty decent effort from a band with a lot of history behind them.

Listen to “You’re Going To Hell” by Electric Peace on Spotify. Follow them on Facebook and be sure to check out their official website!

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