Echo Messenger – “Rocky Gibraltar”

Echo Messenger is a dark-folk/”gauzy”/lo-fi/singer-songwriter from the USA. On August 6th 2021, he released a brand new single titled “Rocky Gibraltar”. We’ve taken a listen and here’s what we thought!

Official Audio (Courtesy of YouTube)

The track has a wide variety of tones and textures which you’ll hear throughout the run-time. One thing you’ll pick up almost immediately is the bass-heavy nature of the mix, for some it’ll be a dream come true but not always everyone’s cup of tea. The tune doesn’t really waste much time in getting started, which is right after a very interesting short intro. The vocals throughout this are tastefully done and seem to fit the music relatively well alongside the other elements in the mix. In terms of the song’s structure it seems to hold up okay, nothing too jarring – it’s as calm as it is energetic in places.

Overall, the mix and master of this track is pretty much solid. The mix blends together the sonic arsenal at Echo Messenger’s disposal, sweetened by the master. An okay tune but one we feel, if you’re into that stuff, would do very well with some. Certainly worth a spin or two, “Rocky Gibraltar” has a lot of modern textures and aspects within the structure itself to perk up the ears of music supervisors (we’d imagine).

Listen to “Rocky Gibraltar” by Echo Messenger on Spotify. You can also follow Echo Messenger on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and be sure to check out the official website!

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