“Hated by your neighbours, loved by your girlfriends…” 

That’s what Cavendish Sniff say about themselves, and we couldn’t put it better ourselves!

Last night at the Hope and Ruin in Brighton, we happened to stumble across what can only be described as a return to raw rock. Edginess in a better light than what most come to expect from Brighton-based bands.


The Sniff didn’t pull any punches, the lead singer was a return to a David Lee Roth/Vince Neil style of frontman. Immersing himself with the crowd at a point, getting the awe-struck audience involved. Even chucking his beer in the audience. Amazing. The rest of the band were equally amazing. The drummer was tight and very much on point. One of the guitarists had his Les Paul slung way down low, blasting some amazing solos and an impressive chord structures in his playing. The other, with not just an impressive head of hair – but also an Ibanez JEM! Woah! We forgot other guitars apart from edge-lord focused Fenders existed. The bassist was groovy as hell, laying down some impressive backing vocals (as the rest of the band too) and getting the audience involved.


A big thank you to The Sniff for putting on an amazing show, we’ve seen many bands before we started this blog and this is some tough competition.

As of writing this article, Cavendish Sniff is definitely the best band we’ve seen.

You can find Cavendish Sniff on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also listen to their song “Cat’s Got The Cream” on YouTube

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