REVIEW: “Cover My Tracks” by Big Sky Mountain

Straight outta Sydney, Australia comes Big Sky Mountain, an all female band. The band consists of lead vocalist Dominique Douglas, trumpeter and vocalist Minnie Ryan, acoustic guitarist/ukulele player and vocalist Viviana Viteri, bassist and vocalist Rachel Aracan, keyboardist and vocalist Gabby Dinallo, electric guitarist Sharon Jakovsky and drummer Kelly Staines (a very impressive lineup indeed!) On September 13th 2019, they released their debut album “All Our Minutes” via MGM Records. The title track “Cover My Tracks” is certainly guaranteed to grab anyone’s attention but what did we really think of this track? Let’s find out!

Official Video

The track begins with a solemn guitar armed with great tone to set us off. However it doesn’t last long! Oh no, that’s just the set up for this rollercoaster ride of a track. Big Sky Mountain doesn’t take any prisoners with this fantastic kick off to this track. The vocal harmonies here are an absolute dream to say the least. The trumpet inclusion we feel is a rarity in this style of music, but it is indeed a nice touch that adds a lot to this track. This is certainly the case accompanied with the killer keyboard parts. There is a lot of energy here in this track that’s guaranteed to keep your toes tapping and really starts their album off to a superb start. The vocals and theme of the lyrics really gives off a great vibe and overall, it is a really uplifting piece of art.

The production quality is second-to-none in this track. It really is impressive. It has got to be said that with so many elements, it is important to nail good production to bring every member of the band’s obvious talent to the forefront. They have done this, with excellent precision.

Big Sky Mountain really does well to remind the world that Australia is home to some fantastic artists, and we would definitely go so far as to say that this band has earned their place among them.

We look forward to hearing what they do next! Meanwhile, we’re going to dive deeper into this album and see what other treasures they have in there…

“Cover My Tracks” by Big Sky Mountain was released on September 13th 2019 via MGM Records as part of their debut album “All Our Minutes”. You can listen to it on Spotify and be sure to check out their official music video on YouTube!

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