“Island Of Tears” is the second single from, newcomer artist, Gliffo. Released on November 8th, the track has broken waves and reached #1 in four categories on the German Amazon charts! The single is already receiving airplay on several radio stations such as Reggae Ireland Radio.

The song is about divers watches, developed at an Italian island (Island Of Tears) near Venice. Story had is, Gliffo had a melody stuck in his head which he then whistled into his phone. He then sent it to a producer in Berlin. The producer spotted the catchiness of the melody, completed it and, with Gliffo, created a rock/pop arrangement with guitar licks and two house remixes for the dancefloor. Including “Get The Sun In Your Head“ which also hit the German and Italian Amazon charts. In Germany the track reached #10 shortly after its release.

The music video was produced by Jörg Sieghart – earned more than 350,000 views and it has received a great deal of positive feedback from radio stations, music blogs, music magazines and playlist curators . At the beginning of April 2019 “Gliffo” had 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

The feel-good track, “Get The Sun In Your Head“ has been very well received by quite a large audience so it is not really surprising that the first remixers are eager to create their own versions of this song. Also the so called “Pope of Audi & HiFi” Christoph Schürmann became attentive to the song and is using it for demonstration of the best HiFi systems in the world!

There is more to come from Gliffo, a few tracks are in the planning stage so it seems. Rumour has it that for the song “I Do It My Way”, German drumming legend “Manni von Bohr” (Randy Hansen, Birthcontrol) could be won over. Only time will tell!

You can follow Gliffo on Facebook and visit his official website here. Be sure to listen to his latest track “Island of Tears” on Spotify!

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