REVIEW: “Let’s Stay Outside (Stash Konig Remix)” by Lost American

Lost American is a music project started by the artist Chris Kelley. It also includes Shorn Keld of Orto Grut (on keys) and Simon Mille (on drums). On November 15th 2019, the group released a remix of their track “Let’s Stay Outside” which was done by renowned producer, remixer and DJ – Stash Konig. What did we think about it? Let’s find out!

The track begins with some beautifully mixed synth tones, building up slowly before it gets right to the groove. Chris Kelley’s voice really fits the track perfectly and it’s at certain times you can hear the magic that Stash did when he remixed the vocals. Indeed Stash’s work on remixing this already classic track almost creates a whole different song, yet this remix retains the character and charm of the original.

The synth pads towards the end of the track really add a whole level of definition and it’s this, along with Chris’ vocals that really make this track superb. It’s clear from even both the original and this remix that Chris and the rest of Lost American have done well to draw from their influences in post-punk but not to copy, oh no, they own it and make it their own. In an age where too many copy their heroes, Lost American tips their cap to them and owns it.

“Let’s Stay Outside (Stash Konig Remix)” by Lost American was released on November 15th 2019. You can listen to the track on Spotify. You can also follow Lost American on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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