EP “ZONE OUT” by Jessie-May Kitchen OUT NOW!

Aussie singer/songwriter, Jessie-May Kitchen, released her latest debut “Zone Out” on May 22nd 2020. The five-track EP is available now via Foghorn/MGM.

For those previously unfamiliar with her, Jessie-May was born in Hobart and grew up on the New South Wales’ Central Coast. She started writing songs at five and music became her escape from a tough family life.

Jessie-May Kitchen, photo by Tony Mott
(Photo by Tony Mott)

Speaking of the release, Jessie says “Have you ever been so deep in thought that the world disappears and suddenly you are detached from the physical plane, and all you know is what you are thinking about? Like a switch has been flicked and the real world just isn’t there anymore. Most people say they do occasionally or brag that they scandalously day dream whilst doing chores and leave their body on autopilot for a little while.

There are many different ways to be smart and tuning out reality, tapping into your imagination is a skilled, worthwhile cleverness. I wanted to use this EP to bring my world to you. My stories, thoughts and philosophies in every song, courtesy of tuning out the rest of the world and tapping into my own.

So, give it a go! Find a safe place of your own, listen to the music, let your imagination run wild and Zone Out.”

The EP was produced by Marshall Cullen. Recording was engineered by Russell Pilling at Damien Gerard’s Balmain. Further studio work was done (mixing and mastering) by Andrew Beck at the new DG’s in West Gosford. Other musicians featured on the EP included Mark Cashin-Drums, Matty Piper-Guitar/Bass and Peter Holz on Keyboards

You can listen to Jessie-May Kitchen’s EP “Zone Out” by visiting here. Follow Jessie on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

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