Chicago Gypsy Project – “We Swing”

“We Swing“ the debut album of the Chicago Gypsy Project, was released on April 23rd 2016. The project is an all-acoustic Gypsy Jazz group featuring Samuel Savoirfaire Williams on Violin, Dave Miller on Guitar, Doug Bistrow on Bass. The album was recorded in Chicago at Handwritten Recording Studios for Samuel Williams Record Label CCEG inc. in 2015.

There are seven tracks of beautifully arranged Jazz Standards that were chosen because of their popularity at Jazz Jam Sessions in Chicago all of the original members of CGP met and made their names in Chicago as jazz Artists from Chicago Jazz Jam Sessions.

“Highlights” of the Trio in action!

The first track on the album is the group’s take on Sonny Rollins’ “Pent-Up House”. A great take on this tune, the trio approaches the track with a great vibe and excellent proficiency. When it’s time to swing it, these folks really get swingin’ and to great effect.

Up next is Benny Golson’s “Whisper Not”. Samuel Savoirfaire Williams really shines on this track, his expressive playing and phrasing work well over the structure of this tune. It’s truly phenomenal to hear how well these three work well together, especially on this track.

The trio do a rendition of “Speak Low” (written by Kurt Weill). Samuel does a really good job on the melody. Dave Miller really hones in the “Gypsy” vibe, this track in particular is a good example of this. An excellent listening experience.

Following up from that is “How Insensitive” (originally by Antônio Carlos Jobim). It starts off with a waltz feel before moving to the more bossa nova style that jazz fans of this standard would perhaps be a bit more familiar with. A good take on a great classic with each member of the trio adding their own distinct flair. Fantastic.

“Recordame” next, their approach to the Joe Henderson classic. The way the Chicago Gypsy Project approach this is interesting, especially Dave on the solo. A very pleasant take on this standard indeed.

Much of the same for the other two standards the trio covers, it’s clear that the groups proficiency has earned them a lot of clout in the Chicago Jazz Jam circuit. No doubt for many fans of Jazz, this would be a welcome addition into their collection. Chicago Gypsy Project provides a great listening experience which has been recorded in a way that feels and sounds organic, almost as though they’re right there with you jamming away. A nice touch indeed and a great album.

Listen to “We Swing” by Chicago Gypsy Project on Bandcamp. Follow Samuel Savoirfaire Williams on Facebook, YouTube and visit his official website.

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