Harlean Palfrey – “Schattenträume”

Harlean Palfrey, is an emerging Independent Singer/Songwriter based in Galway, Ireland. On August 21st 2020, she will be releasing a brand new track titled “Schattenträume”. In even more exciting news, she’s releasing a new bilingual album on October 30th!

“Schattenträume” is a great track. It’s got a huge sound, and that’s important for this kind of music. The song is a perfectly polished piece of music, clearly a lot of work has gone on to bring this to life. Throughout the runtime, there is never a moment where this track loses momentum.

The mix is superb, as we listen through headphones there are little elements carefully scattered around which really add a certain flair. In terms of the master, it doesn’t sound too squashed and nothing sticks out. A very top job done here indeed.

Overall this track is definitely one you don’t want to miss when it comes out!

Don’t miss “Schattenträme” when it comes out on August 21st – follow Harlean Palfrey on Spotify. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud and be sure to check out her official website.

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