Heather Ivy – “Take Out The Trash”

Heather Ivy is a Norwegian country artist. Much of her music is inspired by rock, pop, blues and other genres. On September 1st 2020, she released her first single “Take Out The Trash”.

Heather started her career as a singer a bit later than most others, but in the last 8 years she has become a known figure on stage, in the town where she now lives, Drammen. She has participated in releases within several genres, reaching from pop to metal, and she loves to be a part of all concepts in music. With her first ever self-written song, that really brings out the memories from a farm, she is ready to hit the stage, near and far.

Influenced by her roots from both her hometown in Valdres, Norway and the rock-stage, Country was the genre where Heather Ivy found her place.
Inspired by rock, pop & blues she and her husband Kris Ivy writes and produces the songs for this project. The lyrics are infused with tales from their own life-.experiences and are reflections of everyday events. The instrument-package consists of drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric and slide guitar, keys, fiddle, piano.

Heather Ivy

Her first single “Take Out The Trash” presents a message Heather Ivy wants to give to the world. A rough and bold statement about having to say goodbye to the negative influences in life and ending relationships, only to say hello to new opportunities and gain strength along the way.

“Take Out The Trash” is a superbly produced track. No doubt that fans of country will warmly receive the song, given the many textures layered throughout the track that is coherent with the genre. The mix provides a sonic flavour that is incredibly addictive, getting better each time you listen to this song. The contents of the lyrics are profound and meaningful, this is definitely a “no cheese” zone. Excellent work!

Find your way to listen to “Take Out The Trash” by Heather Ivy here. You can also follow her on Facebook!

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