Electric Peace – “Hate Is A Special Feeling”

Electric Peace is back with a brand new EP titled “Hate Is A Special Feeling”, released on July 30th 2021. We’ve covered them before on the blog, but this time we’re checking out the titular track. We’ve had a listen and here is our review!

Official Music Video courtesy of YouTube

Well the track itself is somewhat of a blend between ZZ Top (RIP Dusty) and 70s Glam Tunes with slight modern touches. The flow is relatively fine, there is a few bits to love about this – especially the slide guitar and relative punchiness of the guitars. The bass is firmly in the pocket and the chorus vocals are fine. Where this track falls short is the way the drums are mixed, nowhere near as punchy enough to be convincing and the vocals within the verses are somewhat lost in the mix. Rough is how we’d describe it, there’s no goldilocks middle ground for the vocals, as we’ve just said – vocals in the chorus are very present which overshadows everything else and in the verses is far too behind everything else. The guitars are mixed too high at times in the track. Other than that, a relatively okay tune.

Overall, a fair effort from Electric Peace – definitely worth a spin to see if ya dig it. It didn’t really move us much but it’s a fine bit of music.

Listen to “Hate Is A Special Feeling” by Electric Peace on Spotify. Be sure to visit their official website and follow them on Facebook.

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