Comfort Cat & Friends – “Consumption”

Comfort Cat & Friends is an Indie Rock trio from New York City. On May 8th 2021, they are set to release a brand new album titled “Consumption”. We took a listen to this album and here is our review”.

Official Lyric Video for “This” (Courtesy of YouTube)

This album is exceptionally hard to listen to. This isn’t Indie Rock as we know it, more Indie Folk. If you ever asked yourself “What would Kate Bush sound like fronting Rusted Root?” well here is your answer. “Consumption” kicks off with “53” beginning with a count in which happens twice on the album, later in the track “This”. The compositions of each of the tracks are somewhat unorthodox, bordering on Avant Garde. Despite this, we must note that the record is impressively mixed and mastered with great space on every song between the elements providing a decent sonic soundscape. Each track does have its own character and that is something to be commended, no two tracks will sound the same entirely. The band clearly has their own sound, we feel that it may very well be the case that it is “Marmite” – some people will love it, others – not so much. For us however, it is the latter.

“Consumption” is a wildly ambitious sounding album, despite this there is a high degree of production that has gone into it and we are very interested to hear what these folks do next.

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