West Side Joe & The Men Of Soul – “Keep On Climbin'”

West Side Joe & The Men of Soul is a band formed of “West Side” Joe, Steve Amedee and Taylor Tesler. On May 7th 2021, they are set to release an “all-original” album titled “Keep On Climbin'”. We’ve had an exclusive listen to the album and here’s our review, ahead of the release!

Courtesy of YouTube

The 12 track album features what can only be described as an epic collection of blues, rock and everything in between. The flow of the album is exceptional, like a rock-n-rollercoaster ride (don’t sue us Disney) of old school vibes. “Easier Than You Think” is such a brilliant choice to get this thing going, with other tunes keeping the mood going such as “Come Thru”, “Raindrop Don’t Care” and “I Got A Letter” – there is a brilliant choice and we’re sad we couldn’t just have said the whole record.

Upon first listen to the album, we felt that the mix and master might do the whole thing a disservice – oh how we were wrong! Its really in tune with the music and helps bring this masterpiece alive… and kicking! Though, the one (and only) qualm we have with “Keep On Climbin'” is the tune “Colorado Mama” – it’s almost a carbon copy of “Dust My Broom”. Some might say it’s a child of inspiration, others may not – either way the jury is still out. From the guitars, to the vocals – the horns to the drums – everything has its rightful place in each of the tracks.

This is nothing short of exceptional work. Bravo.

You’ll have to wait until May 7th 2021 to hear the album for yourself, in the meantime – follow West Side Joe & The Men of Soul on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and visit their official site and Bandcamp!

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