Catfish Walkin’ – “16 Bit”

Catfish Walkin’ is a rapper based out of the States. On May 6th 2021, he released a brand new album titled “Back from the Dead”. We took a listen to the track “16 Bit” and here’s what we thought!

Official Audio (Courtesy of YouTube)

After a very retro-arcadey intro, the track kicks off. The whole thing is choc full of retro tones and textures all above a pretty textbook sub-bass and a beat which seems to fit quite nicely with everything else. What is interesting is how Catfish Walkin’ approaches the vocal aspect of the track, executed with absolute efficiency making it a very pleasant listening experience on the whole.

Overall, the track is an exceptionally mixed and mastered piece of music that comes across as very accessible to folks who may not be into this genre. The production values are top-notch and really brings the shine out of every second of this. Whether you are a fan of rap or not “16 Bit” is definitely a track any listener will want to spin at least once or twice.

Call That Music? We do!

Listen to “16 Bit” by Catfish Walkin’ on Spotify. You can also follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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