Richard Lynch – “Hurtin’ Cheatin’ Lyin Country Song”

Richard Lynch is a country artist from Waynesville, Ohio. February 12th 2021 saw the release of his brand new album titled “My Guitar Drips Country”, we’ve had a listen to one track titled “Hurtin’ Cheatin’ Lyin Country Song” and here’s our review!

Official Audio – Courtesy of YouTube

The track kicks off before somewhat climbing down – an interesting way to begin, or perhaps we’re not used to this kind of country? We digress. Throughout the course of the track there’s an air of familiarity that surrounds it, sure it comes across as pretty solid but were you to grab a pen and paper and write down all the classic country song “must haves” – you’d have them all ticked off right away. The only thing we didn’t expect was little piano moments here and there throughout that proved to be a pretty nice touch.

We’re a sucker for that classic country Tele twang, that guitar is mixed very nicely. The drums sound pretty solid and, in terms of the mix, sound pretty well polished with the bass locked in the pocket. Richard’s vocals are very well done, sounding so natural and yet refined. Basically this ticks every box (in the aforementioned list). What immediately came to mind half way through the track was Brad Paisley’s 2017 track “Drive of Shame”, if that wasn’t the reference track for this finished product – that would blow our minds.

Richard Lynch

Overall, a very decent song – even if you’re not a fan of country. Very much a polished piece of music with excellent production values and certainly one to take out for a spin (or two). Bravo Richard, fantastic job.

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